My mobile life

Hello, I'm Samsi the mobile phone of Nelly. I'm white and a touch-screen mobile phone. Nelly is my owner since Christmas 2010. In the first five days Nelly wasn't really careful. She had got me in the pocket of her anorak and suddenly I fell, oh this hurt so badly. But Nelly was sad too, I had seen that she cried. Now I have a big scratch in the middle of my display. But after this accident Nelly wanted to protect me, she bought a foil to protect my display.

Have I mentioned that I am just one year old but I have already seen much of the world. I was in Spain, close to Barcelona, I was in Croatia in the summer and I was in Munich too. Oh and I was in Italy.

Mostly I spend my day from seven to one o'clock at Nelly's home, cause Nelly doesn't want to take me to school. After school I have to work. If Nelly or a friend of her don't understand homework, they talk and explain their homework with my help.

Each day I get many messages, sometimes short messages, sometimes long ones. I have to work the whole day, in the holidays even till 24 o'clock, but that's okay.

During the night I get power, cause Nelly connects me to the electricity of her home.

I'm a good mobile phone, I am able to do lots of things. I am able to play music, to take photos or videos and to go on the Internet,.I hate to get anonymous calls, cause the caller is usually totally stupid. Sometimes Nelly cried with me in her hands, cause she was sad. Then I'm often sad too because I can't help her.

I like to send messages if  there's a bible sentence in it. I don't know which was the funniest call, but I think Nelly doesn't like to call other persons. I like to be Nelly's cellphone, she's a good owner.